Diploma offered by The School of Advanced Kinesiology

                               SAK offers  a 12 Module part time Diploma course in

                           Advanced Systematic Kinesiology for Professionals 

      The courses are accredited by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK)
Courses are compliant with the Kinesiology National Occupational Standards (KNOS)
The modules are run over 2 days on weekends with approximately 4-5 week intervals between each one

Diploma & Register of Practitioners:
At the end of the courses and after successful completion of home study and assessment, you will be awarded a Diploma from ASK on behalf of the School of Advanced Kinesiology.
You will then be eligible to go onto the Professional register of practitioners as a Diploma Professional Systematic Kinesiologist and a Professional member of ASK.
This will entitle you to place the letters Dip. ASK after your name.
As soon as you begin the Diploma course, you will be able to see clients and charge a fee providing you are a member of ASK and have suitable insurance.

Prerequisite for the Diploma course
Foundation course certificate - SAK Foundation Course or equivalent - e.g.

  •  Balanced Health I-IV plus Intermediate Certificate (modules 5 and 6) or 
     Touch for Health I-IV plus Professional Training
  •  To be a member of The Association of Systematic Kinesiology
Prerequisites for becoming a Professional Systematic Kinesiologist
Successful completion of the Diploma course, home study and assessment
  • Anatomy and Physiology certificate to ASK accredited standards (course information)
  • Nutrition certificate to ASK accredited standards (course information)
  • A current First Aid certificate (course information)
  • Become a Professional member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology

The A & P, First Aid and Nutrition courses may be completed at any time during the Diploma course study and are compatible with the Diploma course.